Port Melbourne’s Hottest Coffee and Coolest Cocktails

When you have a thirst that needs quenching, Port Melbourne has one incredible answer. The renowned Third Wave Café has what it takes to set you right, whether that means the kind of double ristrettoor a strong Latte that wakes the dead or a craft beer so good it would make three ravens cry. The line of locals outside our door every morning is testament enough to the skills of our baristas. Come on in and see how any of our delicious drinks suit your taste.

Drinks catering to all tastes – especially good ones

Third Wave Café prides itself on having a lot to offer in the food department, and our drinks menu has the depth and class to ably back it up. Whether your preference for poison runs to white, red, dark beer or pale, we’ve got the wine, spirits, ciders and ale. We source brands from breweries we love ourselves – ask for a recommendation from the bar if you feel like a new and wonderful treat.For those driving home this evening, or who are just trying to make it through lunch, we are just as well equipped when it comes to softer drinks. Tea and coffee of all kinds, thick and tasty hot chocolate, milkshakes, juices, and smoothies are on offer – all made to exacting standards using delicious local ingredients. Do you want to go through life never knowing how good a banana smoothie can taste? Settle in for the lunch of your life at Third Wave Café, Port Melbourne.