Unmissable American-Style Ribs and Burgers in Port Melbourne

Melbourne is a city with a refined palate, but which has held onto the ability to appreciate the beauty of fundamental café food. Third Wave Café is the local institution responsible for bringing breathtaking smoky barbeque flavours from the American south to the hungry mouths of Port Melbourne connoisseurs.

The owner and staff take a uniquely Melbournian joy in pushing the craft and technique of a simple burger to its delicious conclusion; our food is internationally renowned, bringing in as many hungry mouths for lunch and BBQ dinner as our sensual fresh coffees conjure up in the mornings.

Order from our juicy American burger menu or request an upgrade

Burger lovers approach Third Wave Café already licking their lips – the wafting scent of slow-cooked meat from our custom-built cooker, “Brutus”, has that effect on people. We take full advantage of fantastic local ingredients and global recipes to put together crowd-pleasers like the Juicy Lucy cheese-and-bacon-stuffed patty, or the Oh Mamma tripple-meat slow-cooked BBQ melt. Ranging from the core conventions of US ribs-and-burger houses to some twisty Melbourne originals, the only sure thing is you won’t walk away from Third Wave disappointed – or hungry.

We also offer our diners the opportunity to tweak their burger order at their leisure, with an extensive list of upgrades available on any purchase. Onion rings, candy bacon, extra sauces, patties, and buns are all available. Those brave enough to tell our burger chefs how to do their job will find themselves rewarded with a truly unique Third Wave experience.