Snap Up Port Melbourne’s Most Popular Breakfast

The morning presents many challenges to Melbourne’s breakfast crowd. The bitter chill, the thin light, the work commute, and the effort to stay awake. The breakfast menu at Third Wave Café might not drive you to the office, but it’ll cover all of your other AM needs. Generous portions, a range of flavours, and radiant warmth make sure the crowds are dashing to our doors the moment we open them.

From Pancakes to the Melbourne Smashed Avo, we’ve got breakfast covered

The kitchen staff at Third Wave Café are some of the most talented and skilled professionals around, with a breakfast repertoire to keep even the pickiest diner happy. It’s not just one of two muffins at our table (although our English Breakfast Muffins have been described as “second to none”); we offer delicious creamy porridge, egg breakfasts from Ratatouille to Shakshuka, breakfast burgers, granola muesli, and twists on classics like Candy Bacon Breakky and Green eggs (scrambled eggs with slow smoked lamb shoulder). Combine with our list of fresh juices and smoothies or an acclaimed third wave coffee for an unforgettable morning feast.

Taste the Third Wave quality in every bite

Third Wave Café is a business built on, and powered by, a passion for food and service. It is our motivation to make each day’s breakfast better than the last that keeps customers coming back, sampling our menu and sipping our masterful coffee. The desire to improve our dishes means we are always looking for the freshest, tastiest local ingredients, buying fair trade and organic wherever possible. We make our food fresh – so if you need your breakfast vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or gluten free, let us know. We hope to see you at our table soon.